My xconsole doesn't do anything.

My xconsole doesn't do anything.

Post by Giovanni Bortoloz » Mon, 11 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>I was wondering why I never get anything displayed in my xconsole?
>I'm running kernel 2.0.27, RedHat 4.1, and I've installed WindowMaker.
>Also, I'm logging into my system using XDM.

>I expected to be able to see X startup messages, talk requests, and
>definitely the window info that WindowMaker is supposed to give when
>you double right click a title bar.  I don't see anything unless I do
>something like "echo blahblahblah > /dev/console", so it seems to be
>reading the console fine, it's just that nothing ever gets sent to it?

>Any help is greatly appreciated.

In my /etc/syslog.conf I found this tip (Debian):
# The named pipe /dev/xconsole is for the `xconsole' utility.  To use it,
# you must invoke `xconsole' with the `-file' option:
#    $ xconsole -file /dev/xconsole [...]
daemon.*;mail.*;news.crit;news.err;news.notice;*.=debug;*.=info; \
*.=notice;*.=warn;cron.none     |/dev/xconsole

Then I start Xfree with (bash):
alias ow='echo "Starting XFree86..." >| /dev/xconsole;startx -- -quiet -bpp \
16 2>|/dev/xconsole'

It's work great for me...i see why a program die and any message it send.



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Any help will be appriciated.
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