Communicator dies on add-ins

Communicator dies on add-ins

Post by Kevin O'Gorm » Tue, 23 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I just installed Communicator 4.04.  It works well on most pages, but
dies on one particular URL.

When I go back to Navigator 3, it complains about an add-in for audio/x-wav,
but otherwise proceeds nicely.

Is there a way to get Communicator 4 to act sanely?


1. Errors compiling Wingz 1.4 Add-ins (Linux 1.3.99, GCC 2.6)

I use the Wingz spreadsheet under a SunOs 4.1.3 at work, and am trying
to set up a similar environment on my Linux system.  To do this I need
to compile Wingz external add-ins.

(Nice spreadsheet by the way. See the homepage at:

The problem is that I am unable to link after compiling.  The add-in
code has no 'main', as it is in a file $WINGZ/lib/libwztools.a.  On
SunOs, doing a:

gcc -O -I$(WINGZ)/include -c TestFunc.c -o TestFunc.o
gcc -O -I$(WINGZ)/include -o great_zot TestFunc.o \
       -L$(WINGZ)/lib -lwztools -lm            

works great, but under Linux the link fails with a message like:

/usr/lib/crt1.o (...) undefined symbol 'main'

'nm' shows 'main' as being defined in $WINGZ/lib/libwztools.a, so
I am at a loss to how to get this to compile.

        Linux Kernel:   1.3.99
        Wingz version:  1.4
        GCC version:    2.6

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Shaun Lawson           Tel:    [+81]3-5571-7388
Assistant Vice Pres.   WWW:

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