Backwards, Ho! Changed to Commerical databases on linux/FreeBSD

Backwards, Ho! Changed to Commerical databases on linux/FreeBSD

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|>> ->tell my boss I don't "do anything useful".
|>> So, when are you going to release Oracle8 for Linux?
|>Oh man, now you have me drooling big time. I can't imagine a
|>more mutually beneficial arrangement: Linux gets Oracle, which
|>puts Linux in even higher demand...Oracle gets a free OS on
|>which to run Oracle...
|>Hell, Oracle could *ship* Linux *with* Oracle. Imagine this:
|>Insert CD. Start install. Answer questions...wham, you have
|>Linux up and running with Oracle8. Now *that* would *SELL*.
|Other DBMS vendors are doing this.  We have D3/SCO and have been very
|pleased with this class of DBMS, which is said to be able to handle very
|big databases with very big numbers of users, very efficiently.  Pick
|Systems *ship* Linux *with* D3 Pro Plus.  The default installation is
|for those accustomed to native Pick systems.  You don't see Linux unless
|you want to.
|I would encourage Oracle to do the same.
        I heard a rumor somebody working for Informix in Japan ported that
database to FreeBSD in his spare time (and unofficially of course).  And there
is a mailing-list about how Informix is going to officially port and support
Informix on linux.  I lurked on that list for awhile, don't know what the
current state of it is.
        I gather that for the big databases companies, the problem is not
that it would be expensive to port but rather to support, and that they
don't think they would sell that much anyway.  My own feeling is they wouldn't
be risking that much by giving it a try, and if one of them did try and
was successful, the others would have to play catch up.
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1. Commerical Databases on Linux, What do you think ?


I am posting this for a friends. If you have any suggestions for him, we

him for the msn domain name, I am trying to convert him and he is listening).

The rest of the stuff is written by him.

Database recommendations/experiences please...

We are a budding company in short term need of a Linux database system
with a longer term growth path planned to a commercially-supported OS.
We have started out with prototype GUI and backend DB written in MS Access.
We are looking to replace the MS Access backend very soon (2 to 3 weeks) with
a Linux based database system. We will soon be writing C programs for direct
input of data from our production machines. Longer term (6 months to a year)
we are looking for a bigger database like Oracle running in UNIX or NT. (As
far as I know Linux does not support Oracle, Sybase, etc. yet).

Long term we can project the need to hold 36 million records in an "Active"
section of the database and 500 million records in an "Inactive" section.
Inserts to the Active section may peak to 400 records per minute.

Our goals are to:

   . Maximize performance of the near-term Linux-based DB.
   . Minimize transition issues between the near-term DB
       and the long-term DB.
   . Minimize transition issues for the C programs.
   . Minimize programmer effort in writing C code.
   . Maximize our independence on a specific DB or OS.
   . Utilize the MS Access GUI as long as possible.

Some other ideas:
   . Allow physical separation of the Active and Inactive DBs.
   . Transparently join the databases for reporting.
   . Two-phase commit for moving data from Active to Inactive.

Some near term Linux based DB's we are considering:
   . Solid
   . Adabase D
   . Empress [though we have no blob data]

Some longer term DBs we are looking at:
   . Informix, perhaps starting with Informix-SE and moving to Informix-Online
   . Oracle
   . Sybase

Some questions...

   . Near-term DB performance - Could any of the examples above take us to the

       performance level we will need in the long term?
   . Any experience with the Adabase D "Oracle Compatibility" mode?
   . Anyone have any similar experiences with these or other
       database products that you wish to share?

TIA for any information.

Amit Chatterjee


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