Post by Randall Jon » Wed, 03 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm looking for info about using a PCMCIA SCSI controller with Linux.
I've seen both type II and type III PCMCIA versions.  Is there a difference?

Is there a good source of information on PCMCIA under Linux?
Are there drivers currently available to use a PCMCIA SCSI controller?

I'd also like suggestions (or experiences) about PCMCIA SCSI controller

Thanks to all.

++Randall Jones

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Post by Stephan Pf » Sat, 06 Apr 1996 04:00:00

: Hi.
: I'm looking for info about using a PCMCIA SCSI controller with Linux.
: I've seen both type II and type III PCMCIA versions.  Is there a difference?

Everything about pcmcia on linux at:

        URL: http://hyper.stanford.edu/~dhinds/pcmcia/pcmcia.html

There are not many PCMCIA-SCSI cards and just 2 or 3 (?) are supported.
I have a Qlogic Fastscsi. It is a type 2.

I'm total clueless when it comes to interupts and related memory locations,
but David Hinds and the people I bought the laptop from could help me.

Works flawless ever since.




Post by Ivo Wel » Sun, 07 Apr 1996 04:00:00

The New Media bustoaster also works flawlessly---out of the box.  Kudos to
David Hinds.  (Remember to only turn the SCSI support but no specific SCSI
devices on when you compile your kernel.)

/ivo welch


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Post by Knut Eckste » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00


I operate an Adaptec PCMCIA SCSI card in my Zenith Noteflex Laptop.
The card runs without any problems. Let me know if I can be of further



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1. need info on PCMCIA-SCSI adaptor from Adaptec

        After realizing that we need SCSI support with our linux
laptop, and realizing that there was non out there, we are attemping
to write a linux driver for an Adaptec SlimSCSI pcmcia card.  The
pcmciad.c program has been a helpful starting point, but now we need
technical info on the SlimSCSI card itself.

        This is our problem.  Adaptec/Trantor did not wish to provide
us with this info. (Perhaps we talked with the wrong people at
Adaptec?)  Does anyone know a good contact at Adaptec (or Trantor)?
Is there anyone out there from Adaptec?

        We are hoping that the SlimSCSI is similar to some other
Adaptec product, but we really need some info before we can contribute
a PCMCIA SCSI driver to the linux world. :)

        Alternatively, are there any other SCSI-PCMCIA makers out
there that might be more helpful. (But we've already bought the
adaptec version) Who says adaptec must always be the SCSI standard for

                Sid Hellman
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