Staroffice, PostgreSQL and double byte

Staroffice, PostgreSQL and double byte

Post by Al » Mon, 03 Jan 2000 04:00:00

hello all,

Can the current version of StarOffice (5.1) and PostgreSQL (6.5) handle
double byte foreign languages, in particular traditional Chinese and

If not, any news on when such port will become available?

I would like to develop an intranet application using Perl 5.004, DBI and
the above two software, but the application must be able to read and
display double-byte languages.

Thanks for any info.


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Staroffice 5.1a does not support ODBC out of the box, and I installed
PostgreSQL with ODBC driver, but I have not found anything in the docs
about ODBC.

I tried another avenue, by downloading, compiling and installing
unixODBC-1.8.1 from, were ODBC is central to the entire
program, and StarOffice is briefly discussed, but I did not have any
success following the instructions; they are too brief.

* how do you make postgresql use ODBC?
* how do you compel StarOffice to use the ODBC drivers
* how do you make StarOffice act as a front-end to PostgreSQL
* same questions when using the unixODBC package
* when I use the GUI to set up unixODBC, I get various error messages
telling me that the drivers I registered are not valid or that the info
in odbc.ini or odbcinst.ini doesn't make sense. Since the
administrator's guide to the package is not yet written, can anyone send
me a short set of instructions on creating an odbc database using the
unixODBC for the ODBC including drivers (I compiled the PostgreSQL
drivers) and with PostgreSQL as the server?

Please email me with your suggestions

Thank you

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