Red Hat (rpm) kernel upgrades?

Red Hat (rpm) kernel upgrades?

Post by Greg Herlei » Tue, 08 Dec 1998 04:00:00

OK, things are a little frustrating here...  why on earth does
the new kernel in 5.2 have dependencies back into the old kernel

Specifically, I upgraded my kernel sources with the following


Then I try to upgrade the kernel with this rpm:


and I get this:

rpm -Uvh ~gch/kernel-2.0.36-0.7.i386.rpm                  
failed dependencies:
        kernel = 2.0.35-2 is needed by kernel-ibcs-2.0.35-2
        kernel = 2.0.35-2 is needed by kernel-pcmcia-cs-2.0.35-2

Thinking I'll just force the issue, I try this:

rpm --force -Uvh  ~gch/kernel-2.0.36-0.7.i386.rpm  
failed dependencies:
        kernel = 2.0.35-2 is needed by kernel-ibcs-2.0.35-2
        kernel = 2.0.35-2 is needed by kernel-pcmcia-cs-2.0.35-2

With the same result, obviously.

1.  I'm doing this lame upgrade (lame becasue I already had the
new kernel sources installed, and lame doubly becasue it
uninstalls the 2.0.35 kernel sources without giving me an option
to keep it) because I need the dang hidden changes that the rpm
does to the Red Hat initialization directories.

2.  If this stuff is documented anywhere, I can't find it.  Red
Hats web site has no useful pages for developers or people
customizing their default setup - it's feeling like they are not
very developer friendly - at least they are not putting any
resources available.  THe new web site is prettier but still
lacks easy to navigate links to really useful pages. Mind you,
I've paid Red Hat hundreds of dollars since their inception, so
I'm not just a whining freeloader - I'm a disgruntled customer.

3. Someone please confirm/deny:  in order to make all the parts
happy together, it seems like you need to stay in lock-step with
Red Hat's rpm upgrade path...  departing from this to do your own
kernel upgrade, for example, leaves parts missing (see my earlier
message about .rhkmvtag file) that are hidden and undocumented.
Does this smell like anything bad to you?  It's starting to feel
that way to me...

I've used RH products since the beginning becasue it was easier
to keep my multiple systems up and running becasue of the
advantages of rpm.  Now, I'm getting bit becasue of rpm and I'm
starting to wonder how much thought is going into the design of
these packages.  It's getting really annoying, folks.  Am I
alone?  Maybe I just need more sleep or more coffee or something,
but this problem this morning has really got my goat.

Comments and suggestions welcome.


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