APM kernel patch with 1.2.13?

APM kernel patch with 1.2.13?

Post by Rowell Sot » Tue, 28 May 1996 04:00:00

I realize that with the later kernel releases, Advanced Power Management is
already built into the kernel sources. However, I don't think I am going to
upgrade my kernel anytime soon (I probably will if and when the new
slackware comes out).

But till then I am trying to use the APM kernel patch on the tsx-11 site ( I
beleive the version number is 0.5?) with my 1.2.13 kernel. Everything seems
to work fine right until the compiler tries to link the object files in the
final compile procedure. I don't have the exact error output handy, but it
says something like:

_apm_bios_entry_ undefined text  

or something like that. Anyone successful with the APM patches on the old
kernel? Are there any new APM patches that I don't really know about? I'm
stumped.Thanks for any of your replies, your help and of course your time.



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I have some strange problems with the new kernel source tree...

after the installation of the new sysvinit-2.62 the linux-2.0.0 kernel
complains sh:/bin/bash cannot execute...
with 1.99.7 this works fine
and at least I'm totally unable to recompile the 1.2.13 source tree due
some strange asm errors in main occurring in asm/io.h referenced by
bugs.h  (also within the asm tree). Of course I checked the appropriate
links to for the linux source tree /usr/include/linux

Please help....

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