RFD: comp.os.linux reorganization

RFD: comp.os.linux reorganization

Post by Dave Sil » Thu, 06 Oct 1994 06:03:48

                     REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
                     comp.os.linux reorganization

Summary: A number of new groups in the comp.os.linux hierarchy are
         proposed, one moderated, the rest unmoderated.

History: This proposed reorganization was prompted originally by the
         excessive level of traffic in comp.os.linux.help.  Following
         a straw poll conducted by the proponent, an RFD was posted
         for breaking comp.os.linux.help into various subgroups and
         creating comp.os.linux.answers for separating the
         documentation and announcements currently posted to
         comp.os.linux.announce.  During the discussion period, it
         became evident that it would be preferable to create the
         groups directly under comp.os.linux, rather than splitting
         comp.os.linux.help.  This RFD reflects that change.

1) Group: comp.os.linux.answers (moderated)

 Charter: For posting Linux FAQs, How-To's, and READMEs.  This will
          help keep the traffic down in other c.o.l.* groups and will
          leave comp.os.linux.announce for true announcements only.
          C.o.l.answers will be moderated--either by a member of the
          *.answers moderation team or by an independent moderator.
          If no one else volunteers, I'd be willing to be the

2) Group: comp.os.linux.games (unmoderated)

 Charter: For questions and discussion about game playing under Linux,
          e.g. Doom.

3) Group: comp.os.linux.hardware (unmoderated)

 Charter: For questions and discussion specific to a particular piece
          of hardware, e.g., "can this system run Linux?", "how do I
          use this disk drive with Linux?", etc.

4) Group: comp.os.linux.networking (unmoderated)

 Charter: For questions and discussion relating to networking or
          communications including Ethernet boards, serial
          communications, SLIP, etc.

5) Group: comp.os.linux.video (unmoderated)

 Charter: For questions and discussion relating to video hardware or
          software including XFree86, commercial X servers, svgalib,
          console modes/fonts, dosemu, etc.)

After a discussion period of 21-30 days, if there are not overwhelming
objections to any of the proposed groups, there will be a Call For
Votes (CFV) posted to the groups as this RFD.  The voting period will
be at least 21 days.  Each group that passes, by receiving 100 more
YES votes than NO votes *and* twice as many YES votes as NO votes,
will be created.

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RFD: comp.os.linux reorganization

Post by Timothy Andrew List » Wed, 12 Oct 1994 19:38:42

>:                      REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
>: 5) Group: comp.os.linux.video (unmoderated)
>I don't know, if 'dosemu' is right here in c.o.l.video.
>I think there should be a system-group for dosemo, elf, coff, icbs, wine(?).

I think wine has it's own newsgroup (comp.sys.emulators.wine ?) so there
dosen't seem much point in including it under the comp.os.linux.*
heirarchy as I don't think there will be enough Linux specific
material to warrant it here.

As for the rest, how about comp.os.linux.emulators ?

I think that comp.os.linux.video would be a good step forward, as it
was by far the most difficult part for me when I first installed.

Tim Lister

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RFD: comp.os.linux reorganization

Post by zachary bro » Wed, 12 Oct 1994 21:42:15


>I think wine has it's own newsgroup (comp.sys.emulators.wine ?) so there

                                      ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
It's comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine