Key mappings after upgrading termcap/ncurses

Key mappings after upgrading termcap/ncurses

Post by T.E.Dicke » Mon, 01 Mar 1999 04:00:00

> I've upgraded my termcap to 2.0.8 and my ncurses to 4.2 as part of an
> upgrade from libc5 to glibc2.06.
> My "End" key used to go to the end of the line in editors such as pico and
> vi, or when doing command line editing in bash.  I seem to have lost this
> behaviour.  Would someone kindly advise me on what I screwed up?

what does your termcap look like?  (e.g., what does infocmp show)

Thomas E.*ey


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Does anyone have the proper termcap entry updates to make vi
work in a cmdtool?

Also, has anyone mapped the function keys to emulate a
sun keyboard (you know, Stop, Cut, Paste, Copy, Open, etc...)
I made sure I got a keyboard with function keys across the
top and side just for this purpose

Yes, I'll admit I'm lazy, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks for any responses,

Brian Olsen

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