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Is there a ELF-based boot image available somewhere that has
support for EATA-DMA that works?  

I am trying to install Caldera Preview II, and it refuses
to work with my DPT 2024 PCI SCSI controller.  The errors
I'm getting during bootup are:

hdc:  probling with STATUS instead of ALSTATUS

HBA at 0x0510 didn't react on INQUIRY. Sorry.
scsi:  0 hosts.
scsi:  detected total.

I have seen at least on other person having the same problem
with the ELF based RedHat 2.0.

BTW, my EATA-DMA support is working perfectly with the a.out
Caldera Preview I release.  So I kind of doubt it's just my

Any ideas?



1. Possible EATA-DMA SCSI/SMP/Cyrix 6x86 boot crash on 2.1.30?

Last night, I compiled 2.1.30 on my machine and it crashed while booting.  It
seemed to happen just after my IDE driver was initialized and before my SCSI
driver was initialized.  I'm using the EATA-DMA SCSI driver with SCSI CD-ROM
and SCSI tape support modularized, but SCSI disk support compiled into the

Since 2.1.30 is built with SMP enabled by default, I got suspicious and
recompiled the kernel *without* SMP support.  Then, it all worked fine.

I have a Cyrix 6x86 P-166+ on a Tyan Titan I motherboard.  When the kernel
first booted, it gave me OEM numbers for "Pentium 1" and "Pentium 2".  Is it
always supposed to do this even though I only have one processor?  Could the
SMP code be confused because I have a Cyrix 6x86 chip?

Why is SMP the default now?

I couldn't save the ooops traces because they fly by on my screen too fast.  
And since my SCSI never got initialized, it never got written to disk.  I guess
it's hard to write to /var/adm/syslog if the SCSI drivers crash.  :)

-Ryan Moore

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