X-Windows configuration problem

X-Windows configuration problem

Post by Werner Merchier » Wed, 24 Mar 1999 04:00:00

My screen only shows part of the X-Window . I have a 800x600 resolution
Is there a possiblity to see the entire X-Window on my screen with this kind
of monitor?
Thanks for your help!

1. X-Windows configuration problem

Hi there,
I'm a linux newbie, just completed the installation of Red Hat I'm
struggling with X-Windows, a few questions:
1. I got a Texas Instruments Extensa 610 CD with a 11.3" DSTN monitor, is
anyone able to tell me what horizontal and vertical sync range I should
specify, since using XF86config and specifying 800x600 56 Mhz H and 50-70
Mhz V my desk top is not working fine?
2. In order to click on a button I must always point above it and
furthermore it looks like my desktop is more to the left than I can reach: I
am unable to go downwards and to the right of the screen, like having two
walls! Is it caused by a misfit in the H/V sync rate?

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