Linux Installation Problems

Linux Installation Problems

Post by Debby Du » Fri, 15 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to install Linux on a Gateway Pentium 120 with 64 mg of ram, 2-2 gig
scsi hard drives, a ide cd-rom, a adaptec 2940 controller, a colorado tape backup
and I can never get the boot to recognize my drives.  I don't get any error messages
, just the scsi : 0 hosts.  I have tried to force recognition of the controller
but with no luck.  Anyone having this problem or any suggestions as to what to do next.  Thanks, Debby Duff

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I have Win 98 loaded on my computer ! The primary paritition is 3.53 GB

Then there is one extended partition with three logical paritions of 1.99 GB
each !
(I have just started to install linux which seems like a very long
process...). As I go into Disk Druid it tells me that I may need another
partition !

Any help will be appriciated as I am not a big (not at all actually) expert
on linux !


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