CDE from RedHat

CDE from RedHat

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We have problems with CDE from RedHat. First when the dtlogin (replacement for
xdm) crashes now and then. The first time it is started it works. An X terminal
can connect to it, but when the CDE session is over (the user on the X logs out)
the dtlogin manager nearly always crashes. So a second X terminal can't connect
any more.
A second problem is CDE together with Mathematica. When i choose a certain
drawing from the examples, the windows manager crashes. (This always happens
with the same drawing) I tried this again with fvwm2 and there i don't have the

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1. Redhat CDE and Redhat 5.0


  I know this is probably a FAQ, but honestly, I can't find it.

  I was using Redhat 4.2 and Redhat CDE. Everything worked great and then
I got greedy and decided to upgrade to Redhat 5.0. The installation
appeared to go smoothly. I then followed the Errata from the Redhat
web site to update the loader and the "fix" for TED. However, when I
rebooted and logged in (I got the dtlogin screen), it hung on the light
blue splash screen - I switched consoles and logged in as root (there
were an awful lot of httpd processes). I checked everything and it appeared
to be fine - so I rebooted and same behavior.

  Reinstall time! I removed CDE with the package manager and attempted to
reinstall CDE. It pukes on me with the following errors:

warning: '-' deprecated with 'ps ax', not 'ps -ax'          (repeated 6 times)

warning: '-' deprecated with 'ps uax', not 'ps -uax'

Anybody have any thoughts on this one?

  This is really starting to piss me off royally. I can't believe a simple
upgrade broke CDE (it didn't break when I upgraded from 4.1 to 4.2). I know,
I know, the lib switch was a BIG upgrade, but come on, this is really silly.


Jeff Layton



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