Linux, Sound and the Crystal 4232 sound driver

Linux, Sound and the Crystal 4232 sound driver

Post by Terry F » Thu, 18 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Anyone have experience with the Linux sound system and the Crystal
4232 DSP chipset, specifically the "NewClear 3D" ISA sound card.

I have three problems, first is I get a terrible "hissing" noise
when I run linux and the kernel I built for sound support.

Second is I get a terrible "thunk" when sounds are played.

Anyone know of a book, FAQ or something that has up-to-date
details on exactly how the sound subsystem works in Linux?


Terry Fry
Baltimore, MD


1. Crystal 4232 sound problem

   When I set up my crystal 4232 with sndconfig (RedHat 7), it is able to
auto detect and test succesfully my soundcard, both midi and regular
sound. However, when I go into GNOME, FAILSAFE, or KDE, it does not work.
The XMMS player does not play at all. I click play and nothing happens, no
errors or nothing. When I play a WAV file, my mouse will move and stop,
move and stop over and over. When I hit ctrl - alt - f1(or and f key),
this message continues over the screen:

Sound: DMA (output) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error?
ad1848: Auto calibration timed out(3)

Sometimes however, the first second of audio will play (in any program),
but then I am back where I started. Any reasons why sndconfig would play
my sound but not X11?

RedHat 7.0
Celeron 300a
Diamond 3d Stealth 2000 pro (something like that)
Dual boot with windows



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