Majordomo problems

Majordomo problems

Post by Jonte Myr » Fri, 24 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have installed Majordomo 1.94.9 on my RedHat 6.0. I can
subscribe and unsubscribe the lists and get info about
them, but when I try to mail a list I get "User unknown"
from the server. I use Sendmail-8.9.3-10 as mailserver.
What have I done wrong?
Do I have to make a user for every list or what?


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1. majordomo problem

Hi everybody,

  I tried to install majordomo under linux, but whenever I try to run
  'wrapper majordomo' (I tried manually, to check why it wasn't working)
  I get the following error:

  this is the address I set in /etc/ as asked (I also tried
  majordom, and defined a user in /etc/passwd, yet it didn't work).

  Any idea what the problem is? Please e-mail me if possible.


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