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Does anyone know of any software or work in progress for using DirecPC
under  Linux




Post by Mark Rass » Sat, 21 Mar 1998 04:00:00

> Does anyone know of any software or work in progress for using DirecPC
> under  Linux

> jfr

 I have DirecPC running under Linux on my Pentium. I am using drivers
Helius (www.helius.com) - no affiliation - . The two user license was
under $200. The drivers are designed for the Caldera release but I was
able to
install them on Slackware 3.2  and they function properly. The modules
are linked
to 2.0.29 kernel and would not work under 2.0.33.  I also had to write a
script to grep ifconfig for the correct gateway address for my ISP as
they have
two servers with different gateway addresses.

The performance under Linux is about the same as Win95. I am using ISDN
the output leg without problems. I have seen download speeds of 60
but typically get between 15 and 40 Kbytes/sec after 6:00 PM. The speed
vary quite a bit  from session to session (depending on the satellite
load  I suspect).
This compares with a consistent 15 Kbytes/sec on my 2 channel external
with a Byterunner serial card set to 230k DTE. Latency is higher when
compared to
ISDN which may be a problem for net gamers and streaming  applications
( I have not tested this).


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