Toshiba 5200 Portable (Additional Notes)

Toshiba 5200 Portable (Additional Notes)

Post by Derek Hackbar » Thu, 13 Jan 1994 00:34:45

To followup my previous message, here is what the machine says before it

This processor honours the WP bit even when in supervisor mode.  Good.
Unable to handle kernel paging WP error at address c0200000

Oops 0002
EIP: 0010:0015dd30
EFLAGS: 00010087
eax:00034300 ebx:00168000 ecx:0019eb28 edx:00200000
esi:001cbd00 edi:001af070 ebp:001b89fc
ds:0018 es:0018 fs:0018 gs:0018
Pid:0, process nr:0
c6 02 00 42 40 39 d8 7c f7 b8
task[0] (swapper) killed: unable to recover
Kernel panic: Trying to free up swapper memory space
In swapper task- not syncing.


Please send any help ASAP.

Derek A. Hackbardt
Eastman Kodak Company


1. Toshiba 5200 Portable


I am in the process of installing Slackware 1.1.1 or 1.1.0 on the Toshiba
5200 portable 386-20.  My problem is that when booting the system with the
uniboot disk, I get a kernel panic.    

This problem seems to have something to do with the swapper and paging.

The system configuration is as follows:
        intel 386 20mhz
        200 Meg Harddisk
        2 M Ram
        Etherlink III 3c509 board

Can anyone please offer assistance..  I need to install this system 'yesterday'
before my supervisor changes his mind and decidesw to run dos.....

Thanks for the help.

Derek A. Hackbardt
Eastman Kodak Company

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