need print spooling package

need print spooling package

Post by RonTenn » Tue, 07 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Currently running SCO Unix (Openserver), porting to RH 5 shortly.

Would like to know experience of others who have gone
for a full featured lpr replacement and been happy with
it.  Requirements are:

full source -or- binary avail for both OS's
friendly user interface but text only display (no X-windows)
low cost or free.

Please reply directly as I dont often read this group.

Thanks and Regards, Ron

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1. Print spool files filling /var/spool/printer

Solaris 2.6

I have started getting complaints from users that old documents are
being printer from one of our network printers.

Looking at the /var/print/spool directory I see that there are 100's of
spool files. The 10th file , date wise, is .printd.lock
doing a ps -ef also shows a printd process running
also there are about 20 lpr processes

I have no idea whats going on. Is it possible that this printd process
was interfeering with the spool directory ?
What does printd do ?

how can I investigate why spool files for this one particular printer
are filling up the spool directory ?

any suggestions would be appreciated and yes I am in RTFM mode.........


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