Anything better than chat/dip ?

Anything better than chat/dip ?

Post by Gordon Henders » Fri, 20 Jan 1995 01:23:58

Is there anything better than chat to initiate a PPP session? Dip looks
like it would do what I need to do, but won't fire up the PPP driver for me.

Currently, I do it all by hand, (make the connect with Seyon) but it's kind
of tedious! I need to do the following:

Dial host, after carrier detect, hit return a randum number of times until I
get the prompt back from it (It's a CMC transerver - a multiple serial to
ethernet concentrator), then login to hte transerver box, then give it a
telnet command to get me to a SunOS host, then login to that, then run
the pppd script, then back at my local end, run the local pppd.

Chat just won't cut it. Anything better or do I have to write my own? Dip
might do it, if I hack in a "call-external-program" command into it. but
I think it still wants to poke about with the local network config which I
don't want it to do.