EVE EDIT/TPU Editor &| DCL Shell

EVE EDIT/TPU Editor &| DCL Shell

Post by Pat Thoyt » Fri, 17 Apr 1998 04:00:00

> Does anyone know of a freeware clone of the VMS EVE ( aka EDIT/TPU ) editor?
> I'm NOT looking for an EDT compatible editor, but TPU in particular.
> Also, if anyone knows of a shell that emulates VMS DCL I'd be overjoyed to
> find one. In general I'm interested in any VMS like clones anyone knows about
> for Linux.

I don't know if they have something that'll help you but you
should probably take a look at the FreeVMS projects stuff.

Try http://www.free-vms.org/

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1. TPU editor for UNIX

a/Soft Development sells one under the name nu/TPU (Tel. 603-898-6690). Digital
sells a TPU editor for ULTRIX users.



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