specify window position in Sawfish window manager failed

specify window position in Sawfish window manager failed

Post by Vampire at Wicked Empir » Wed, 09 Oct 2002 12:45:07

Distribution:  Mandrake 8.2

xterm -g 80x24+0+0

For the first time, it works.  Move the window and close it.

Try again.  It fails.

It works in KDE environment, so I think it's a bug in sawfish
window manager. I also tried to turn off the remembering window
position option in Gnome control center.  It doesn't help.

Does gnome 2.0 have this bug ?



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I am using sawfish window manager on linux (Redhat 7.0 on
i686 platform) and would like to configure the window
manager so that a focussed window does NOT raise
automatically. I have tried doing this through
Customize->Focus Menu and deselecting
"Raise windows when they are focussed".
But it doesn't seem to do the job.




- Krishnan Sridhar
  Phone: (214) 480-3372

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