Large IDE Drive

Large IDE Drive

Post by Fred Oldenbu » Sat, 06 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am installing Linux on a WD 850M IDE on a 486/33i ISA bus machine.
When I fdisk prior to running setup, I am creating two partitions, one
below the 1024 limit and one above. fdisk then gives me a message about
cylinder start?

Am I safe in assuming that I will be ok as long as my boot partition is
under the 1024 limit?

I want to create another partition above 1024 for swap, and one for
something else.

Please Advise....Thank you.


1. Linux and large IDE drives on a standard ide system

I have a Western Digital 540 mb hard drive, and a standard IDE card.  My
bios recognizes 1048 cylinders, but I have a standard IDE card, I'm
planning to use the whole hard drive for linux, since I have another one
for DOS, are there ways to use all the cylinders, because when I was
playing with the partition under dos, all it gave me was 500 mb, I would
appreciate the help

rami dass

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