How do i install individual packages from the command line.......

How do i install individual packages from the command line.......

Post by Chri » Sat, 12 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I want to install some packages from the command line but do not know how
to! The only way i have been installing new packages eg the Source file for
kernel recompile, is by reinstalling the whole system from CD. Surely there
is a quicker way of doing this, with RPM maybe? i am running Redhat 4.1 and
Xwindows won't start because it complains about two modules not available
they are PEX and something ending in IE! I can't remember! Anyway i want to
install PEX without reinstalling the whole lot AGAIN!

I am only a beginner but i must hold the record for the most installs in
the shortest amount of time so far! Pleeeese help!


Chris Davies


1. How to process individual command-line arguments

Ok, that isn't a very specific subject line :) , but I can't figure
out a better way to phrase this, as this is really more than one

I'm writing a shell script (bthat "wraps" an application command line.
 The platform is Cygwin, but I'm trying to wrap a Windows/DOS
application.  I've already written a "getopt" loop that handles all
the valid command-line options, but for certain "subcommands" there
are following arguments that I need to translate (change Unix paths to
DOS paths).

So, for instance, after I've "shift"ed the command-line options and my

to step through individual arguments and then individually process
them (with "cygpath"), but I'm not sure how to do that.  I thought I
would use something like "${#subcmdargs}" or "${#subcmdargs[*])", but
those don't appear to work.

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