help: get a "cannot open initial console" on bootup error

help: get a "cannot open initial console" on bootup error

Post by Nate Burnet » Sun, 02 Jan 2000 04:00:00

This problem came completely out of the blue for me.  I've successfully used
my RedHat 6.1 Linux box for about 4 months now and I'd be darned if I could
tell you why I got the above error message--which basically halts the bootup
process and the kernel goes into a panic.  The only thing I did recently was
install Samba 2.05 for use with Windows machines on my network.

I even used a rescue disk as an alternate way of booting but that
unfortunately led to the same result.  Any general input on where I can
start to fix this problem?




help: get a "cannot open initial console" on bootup error

Post by Nate Burnet » Sun, 02 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I ran the RH installation CD-ROM again and chose the "upgrade" option and that
fixed whatever the problem initally was.   Whatever.

I'm still a bit curious as to what caused the problem to begin with.  When the
bootup process did an fsck on my root partition, fsck reported block
such-and-such had "zero dtime".  What the hell is that all about?

Anyway, I'm back up again so...


1. Help with Kernel error: "Unable to open initial console."

I'm trying to install Linux on my HP Omnibook-600.  I've done the
things suggested on the web page telling how to do this, but now
I've struck an error entirely different from any mentioned there.

Toward the end of the initialization sequence, after all the disk
information has been shown on the boot screen, the computer hangs with
the message: "Unable to open initial console."  This particular
message comes from the file "main.c" in the /usr/src/linux/init
directory.  I've looked at the source code and can't figure out what
it's trying to do or why it's failing.


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