Settings for Aztech sound card?

Settings for Aztech sound card?

Post by Paul M. Arch » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have an Aztech sound card and cd-rom combo, and I've actually had no
problems with the cd-rom since the latest kernels have come out to
support it.  My problem is that now I'm trying to recompile my kernel to
include audio support, and I'm having trouble finding the right
settings.  Is there anyone out there that has the Aztech card who could
tell me the proper setting to use for configuration of the kernel?


Paul Archer


1. Aztech MM PRO 16AB sound card settings

        I was wondering if anybody knew what settings to use when compiling
the kernel for linux with an Aztech MM PRO 16AB sound card installed, it's
not PnP, it has a crystal CS4248-KL chip present on the board with a Yamaha
OPL chip. There are also two AZTECH chips present. I got the card 2nd hand so
don't have any futher information unfortunately.

        Any ideas on how to get sound working would be greatly appreciated.




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