Netscape Com.4.04 gives 'Bus Error' when not run by root

Netscape Com.4.04 gives 'Bus Error' when not run by root

Post by Matthew Busigi » Sat, 04 Jul 1998 04:00:00

: >  I tried erasing the ~/.netscape directory and when I run Netscape, the
: > license agreement screen shows, but when I press 'Accept' I get a 'bus error'
: > again.   I'm going to try and install it as a user in my local directory and
: > then copy it as root to the /usr/local/netscape where it usually goes and see
: > if that changes anything. Being that it runs fine as root, it seems to be a
: > permissions problem. My paths all check out ok. Anyway, I'll post the
: > results.  Thanks for the reply!
: >
: > John Jarvis

Another wierd thing to throw into the pot is that when I run NS4 from
FVWM95, it runs fine -- but when I run it from IceWM, it gives up on me.


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1. bus-error netscape 4.04

i have got this new version of netscape up and running on my machine but
i encountered a problem with it the other day...

when i tried to start it off, i got a message saying: "bus error" and
netscape went away... so i tried it again, and then X reset itself and
went back into xdm...

anyone know why this is?  i had the same error a couple of times when i
was using netscape 3.01



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