HP Deskjet 855c and lpd

HP Deskjet 855c and lpd

Post by Ron Warni » Mon, 01 Apr 1996 04:00:00

: I was wondering if anyone has written a package specifically for the
: Deskjet or has successfully gotten this version of the DeskJet to actually
: do 600x600dpi graphics.  I sure can't.  I've found 2 utils for printing
: text, eliminating the staircase effect.  But that's it.  Please someone
: help on this, it's getting real tough to deal with.  

: Thanks a mil

: -- Loren Harrington

I use the ghostscript ljet4 filter for black and white at 600x600,
and the cdj550 for color at 300x300, with magicfilter, on FreeBSD.
It worked as well on linux when I was running that. The only problem
is not having the HP utility to clean the printhead, etc. I can even
send wordperfect file thru magic filter and have it print properly.
It sends the raw pcl code directly to the printer.



1. Redhat 7.3 HP Deskjet 855c lpd prints garbage

Cups configures and prints a pretty test page, but
lp and lpr use lpd and the  855 driver seems tweaked.

When I change to the HP DJ 550c driver I can print,
but wonder why the 855c driver spews.

Anyone have thoughts?

Duane Smeckert
google for good address

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