wmaker and wmppp users

wmaker and wmppp users

Post by kluste » Thu, 11 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi I am using WindowMaker 0.15 and wmppp 1.2p1
(http://windowmaker.mezaway.org/programs.html)....I can connect to the
net with either one of the following line commands/scripts:

$ /usr/sbin/usernetctl ppp0 up
$ /usr/sbin/ifup ppp0 up

or disconnect with:

$ /usr/sbin/usernetctl ppp0 down
$ /usr/sbin/ifdown ppp0 down

Now this wmppp application asks to edit a file given as sample.wmppprc
and place it in my $HOME as .wmppprc
Here is the sample file:

speed: /etc/ppp/getmodemspeed
start: /foo/bar/your-personal-wmppp-start-script-here
stop: /foo/bar/your-personal-wmppp-stop-script-here
ifdown: /foo/bar/your-personal-wmppp-restart-script-here

I've replaced /foo/bar/your... for my respective scripts in start: and
stop:  Also tried replacing /your-personal...And nothing happens.

I have the binary getmodemspeed in /etc/ppp...

What am I supposed to write in the .wmppprc file?  Thanks for your