Wanted - Motif vendors.

Wanted - Motif vendors.

Post by Mr. S » Sat, 30 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I want to get Motif to play with.  I am looking for recommendations for
US-based Motif vendors.  Price is not very important, although I wouldn't want
to shell out a small fortune.  It is much more important for me to have a
good, solid, bug-free package, and responsive support, rather than a $50 price
break.  I am running Slackware distribution, kernel 2.0.25, with the new
release of XFree86 (3.2), so a package that has been verified to work with the
newest release of XFree86 would be much more desirable.

While browsing through Infomagic's web pages, I decided to send them a simple
inquiry, a question.  A week later, my E-mail has not been answered.  I don't
want to do business with a vendor like that, if I'm supposed to pay a few
hundred bucks, I expect a more prompt response, hence is the reason for me
seeking recommendations.

Replies may be posted or E-mailed.  If you choose to E-mail me, address it to

Sam Varshavchik  (E-mail address is mrsam "at" geocities.com, to avoid
                  being spammed )
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Wanted - Motif vendors.

Post by Ken L » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

|> I want to get Motif to play with.

See http://www.rahul.net/kenton/GettingMotif.html

Ken Lee, X Window System Consulting, http://www.rahul.net/kenton/index.shtml


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