Last release number of Linux

Last release number of Linux

Post by Bruno Beaufi » Thu, 23 Jun 1994 01:36:07

Just want to know what's the last release number of Linux.

I have the slackware distribution (1.2.0), with the kernel which seems to be
1.0 release. (not installed yet ;-)

Is ObjectWorks from ParcPlace released for this version ?




1. newbie Upgrade a 3.0 RELEASE to LAST RELEASE

Hi, I decided a few days ago to reinstall all my PC with a good OS and not
this stupid Win...98 !!!
And so, I take me FreeBSD 3.0 RELEASE and install it in me box.
All is ok but I want to upgrade it to have the latest release.
I have never do it and don't understand all they say in web site :(

Can U help me to do this ?


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