Openlinux 2.2 installation hangs

Openlinux 2.2 installation hangs

Post by Olasupo Lawa » Sat, 01 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I am running windows nt server 4.0 on a compaq deskpro 575 system, with
16MB ram, 6.5GB hardrive. The hdrive is already partition and I intend
to dual boot with open linux 2.2 . After installing the full
installation files to the openlinux program folder, I created a boot
floppy to boot the system and start the installation. The autodetection
did detect my cd rom, but not my AMD PCNET network adapter. after the
autodetection, the system simply hangs, giving a grey screen. Can anyone
help out?

Openlinux 2.2 installation hangs

Post by Paul Anders » Sat, 01 Jan 2000 04:00:00

>I am running windows nt server 4.0 on a compaq deskpro 575 system, with
>16MB ram, 6.5GB hardrive.

16MB RAM?  That has _got_ to be a typo.  If NT 4 is running with 16Meg
RAM, then Queen Elizabeth is martian millitant that came to earth and
assumed human form to teach everyone how to sing.


Paul Anderson - Self-employed Megalomaniac
"We will leave no tern unstoned in our investigation!"


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When the installation process completes and OpenLinux 2.2 tries to boot,
the systems halts with "/etc/localtime 1999 debug Do_Info_Install glibc
not found".  This happened 3 of 3 installs.  I was using the recommended +
commercial option of the install.  FWI:The Lisa installer will not even
get 2 minutes before it hangs on my system.

Any help with this one?


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