Lost Partition Table/How to find partition boundaries

Lost Partition Table/How to find partition boundaries

Post by Jngmar Sitt » Wed, 22 Sep 1999 04:00:00


yesterday installing a program on Win98 crashed my partition table, on a
HD on which there are also some linux partitions I NEED to get back ...
I read something about how to find partition boundaries with a disk
editor for FAT(32)-Partitions, but I couldnt find anything about
Is there an easy way to find a partition boundary for ext2fs partitions
(e.g. KEYWORDS to search for, than xx blocks back the partition begins)?

Thanx in advance ...

(: Ingmar aka Pizzaboy


1. bad partition table error during Partition Check

I'm finally getting around to updating my Linux system.  I currently have
1.1.59 (I know it's old:).  It was the Slackware distribution.

I'm trying to install 1.2.8 from InfoMagic (August 1995 disks).  
It is also the Slackware distribution.  I've tried the bare and scsi
boot images and they both give me the same error during boot
during the partition check:

Partition Check:
hda: bad partition table
hdb: bad partition table

When I get to the login and login as root and run fdisk, it spews out lots
of stuff, but nothing related to my actual partitions.

I can still boot my 1.1.59 disks fine, so I know it's not really a
problem with my partition tables.  Also, everything checks out fine under DOS.

My system has a Promise DC-4030VL caching IDE controller.  2 512M IDE drives.
Adaptec AHA 2842 VL SCSI controler with a SCSI CD-ROM.

Any clues to what this problem really is and how to fix it would be

Thanks in advance,
Wayne Mock

BTW, the same thing happened with the RedHat distribution with 1.2.11.

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