Missing include file for pop3d

Missing include file for pop3d

Post by Jim Conl » Fri, 04 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I just retrieved a pop3 server from a sunsite miror and when I compile
it, I get an error that it cannot find pwauth.h.  I cannot find this
file anywhere.  Does anyone know where I might find it?



1. UNIX include files = linux include files?


        i am new to linux. currently i have tried to programme in
linux. i refered to the bookj Nework Programming Interfaces printed by
Unix Press. i tried to run the sample program in the book and than
found that there is an include file missing from Linux include
        the file is <tiuser.h>. is there any file equavilant to the
file above? or should i use another approach to program the network



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