Linux Dual Boot Trouble

Linux Dual Boot Trouble

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Hello, I'm posting tonight at the end of the first session of an attempt to
dual boot my system between Red Hat 6.1 and Windows 2000.  I've had Windows
running on my system for some time without error.  Tonight I was successful
in installing Red Hat 6.1 to a partition that I had reserved for that
purpose when setting up my system.  My problem came in configuring LILO.
Once Red Hat was installed, that was the only OS I was able to boot.  It was
the default with no option to start Windows.  The only way to boot Windows
was to boot into Red Hat and uninstall LILO with the "lilo -u" command.
This did succeed in getting Windows to boot correctly now, but the situation
was reversed, Windows was now the default again with no option for Red Hat.
So, and this is where I screwed up, checking my Linux documentation, I see
that the command "fdisk /mbr" from DOS will restore LILO to it's previous
configuration.  When really, what I did was set the MBR to the primary DOS
partition, which put my original MBR in a mess since NTLDR is now not found,
for when I reboot the system, I get "Missing Operating System".  Since this
I have re-installed Red Hat to the partitions I had originally put it on,
and can run it fine, but what I'm asking is what I need to do to restore my
Windows boot loader.  Is it possible for me to set up LILO, since I can boot
successfully to Red Hat, to dual boot Red Hat and Win2000 like I had
originally intended to do from the point I am now?

Thanks for any help you can give, I do appreciate it.

Jody Thigpen


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Hi all,

I recently installed linux (mandrake 6.0) on my second hard drive : the
linux system
partition is hdd4. I used the following command to copy the 512 first
bytes in the
bootsect.lnx file :

    dd if=/dev/hdd4 of=/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1

I copied bootsect.lnx on a floppy, then from the floppy on the c:\ on my
first hard
drive (NT system partition).

I modified the boot.ini with the following line :

After rebooting, when I choose Linux, I only get lines composed of 01.

Any help with this problem will be very much appreciated.


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