Trouble compiling XFISHTANK - compiling error

Trouble compiling XFISHTANK - compiling error

Post by Ren B. Biton » Fri, 21 Oct 1994 19:42:49

Anyone other who have XFISHTANK running on your  linux box?

I just downloaded a copy, version 2.2, from ftp:sunsite
and i have trouble  until when the final executable is about to
be linked with the object files.

I got the following errors:

gcc -fpcc-struct-return  -fwritable-strings -o xfishtank xfish.o medcut.o
read.o gifread.o  -g  -lXext -lX11 -lm
ld: No such file or directory for libX11
make: *** [xfishtank] Error 1

I believe that libX11.a can not be accessed, but I don't have any such
file on my system, except  So I create a symbolic link from to libX11.a but some error...

Previously to this, I got  an error in that libXext can not be made
but I just created a symbolic link to an existing file, libXext.a.

Any ideas will be appreciated!!!

To all those who have help me in my previous requests, thanks alot since
I've fixed and solved my problems... Thanks!!! :)


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