NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 18 April 2001 NYLUG Meeting: David Sweet on KDE Development and Andamooka

NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 18 April 2001 NYLUG Meeting: David Sweet on KDE Development and Andamooka

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        *** New York Linux Users Group April 2001 Meeting ***
                         - -

                KDE 2.0 Development & Andamooka

                   Presented by David Sweet

IBM Headquarters Building
590 Madison Avenue at 57th Street
Check in at lobby for badge and room number

David Sweet, Physicist, hacker, author, and KDE enthusiast, will be
giving a technical talk about some of the machinery under the hood of
KDE 2.1, starting with a quick overview of the new subsystems of
KDE 2.0: KParts (including Konqueror plugins), DCOP, aRts, KHTML,
KIOSlaves, and XMLGUI.

David will then give a more in-depth KIOSlaves programming example;
this will be the bulk of the talk.

The last part of the talk will be about David's new book KDE 2.0
Development, and Andamooka, a collection of support/development
communities for Open Content/GFDL books, which hosts open content
books for reading, annotation, and discussion.

Macmillan/SAMS has provided David with 10 copies of KDE 2.0 Development
to give away at this meeting.

More About David Sweet...

When he's not busy studying Flyswatter, David is a KDE contributor,
the lead author of the Open Content book KDE 2.0 Development, the author
of KSpell, and the founder of Andamooka,the open content library.

And then after the meeting... Join us around 8:15pm or so at the Typhoon
Brewery & Restaurant located at 22 East 54th Street between Madison and
5th Aves. Note - We don't find out until the day of the meeting if we have
the back room.

Please see our home page at for the HTMLized
version of this announcement, complete with graphics and additional
hyperlinks to related information.

April 2001 - The New York Linux Users Group,

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