Svgalib Questions (and yes I've read that HOWTO _and_ I'm a newbie)

Svgalib Questions (and yes I've read that HOWTO _and_ I'm a newbie)

Post by Mike Kinsma » Wed, 19 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Ok I've read that dang HOWTO a few times and I'm still messed up...
What I'm trying to do is get GLquake to run under linux, I've got
non-gl, non-svga q2 running, so I'm just trying to jump right into
getting GLQuake goin.
I've downloaded the svga 1.3.0 *and tried a make install, which
removes all of the old junk and then quits when it tries to install
header files the error : " cp: cannot create regular file
'/usr/local/include/vga.h' : No such *or poop "   So I copied all
the files in /src from the svga release in to /usr/local/include and the
make install went a bit farther but still crashed looking for

Is there some special directory I should install from?  I'm not up on
what directories to use for what yet....

also it appears that the that came with the glquake binary
was version 2.5... should I just go for the 3.0 beta?

Thanks tons in advance

Mike Kinsman


1. 3COM 3c509 problems - yes, I've tried EVERYTHING from howto, newsgroups, etc...


I've got a couple of Dell P90's with this 3c509 card in them.  One of
them is running Linux 1.2.13 perfectly, absolutely NO problems.

The other one I am trying to get working with Linux 2.0.x but I
keep getting the Initialization failure messages out of rc.inet1
I also have an OS/2 partition on this same box (using lilo) and
OS/2 works fine with this 3c509, talking to dozens of other boxes
on the network without incident, so it is the Linux setup and
not hardware...

I have rebuilt the kernel a zillion times.  The IO, IRQ, etc... are
fine - I have downloaded, compiled and run 3cx59set utility, trying
different IRQs, although I know what is correct.  I have cat'd
/proc/ioports and irqs and everything looks fine.  I am running
with the most current 3c509.c (06/15/95) -  Strangely, when booting,
the card is detected:

mybox kernel: eth0: 3c509 at 0x300 tag 1, 10baseT port, address 00 20 af
31 c8 d2, IRQ 15

and yet I get the "Your ethernet card was not initialized properly..."
from rc.inet1, and the proposed reasons/solutions are all wrong.

I am not using ANY modules at all right now (I have tried every which
way) and this is a PCI machine.

I have been messing with this for long enough to where some of the folks
who I am trying to turn-on to linux are getting very skeptical, thus
bumming me further.  What might be causing these headaches, and why
isn't it in the faq/howto yet? ;-)  Once figured out, it will be if
I have my way!

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