Problems with automount

Problems with automount

Post by Dirk von Suchodolet » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

        I hve some problems with the automount. I'm using the actual 2.2.17
kernel (but had same problem with older kernels too) and the actual
utilities. I use this tool for mounting home directories from an NFS
server per user sub driectory (so I have several hundred mounts and
umounts a day).
Some times the aoutmount does not umount all directories, so some of
them left in the end of day. I umount them manually (script) and then
try to restart automount. But often some old mount entries seems to
hang, even if the are not visible:

s11:/home/users # ls
ls: s194688: No such file or directory
.  ..

This prefents autofs to restart correctly :-(

Any ideas?

So long,


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Dear netters,
since about 4 weeks we run out servers with SunOS 4.1.3 (Sparc 2). Before
with 4.1.1 everything was OK. But now we have certain problems with the
clients of one server. The client (Sparc ELC, 4.1.3) mounts its root and
/usr- filesystem from the server. All other filesystems are mounted via
automount from some fileservers. Everything works fine until we reboot
the server. Now automount is still running on the client but doesn't
work anymore. If you kill him and restart --- everything works again.
The automounter got his maps from NIS.

Anybody has an idea??


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