c++ iostream.h header

c++ iostream.h header

Post by schmi.. » Fri, 14 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have been writing c++ programs and have not been able to use cout,cin or cerr functions
that are normally found in the iostream. h library. usually one includes a statement
#include<iostream.h> at the beginning of a program using them in the borland turbo c++
compiler.where are they in linux?The linux unleashed book on p515 says iostream.h in the
example program but the compiler reports no such file.Please respond by email if you
would be so kind.thanks in advance.


1. how to include C++ header files when using Forte 6 C++ compiler?

Hi, everyone,

We just installed Forte 6 and are testing its C++ compiler. We got following errors while trying to compile a small

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

      string C;
      cout << "hello\n";
      cin >> C;
      cout << "you typed: " << C << endl;

"testC.C", line 7: Error: string is not defined.
"testC.C", line 8: Error: cout is not defined.
"testC.C", line 9: Error: cin is not defined.
"testC.C", line 10: Error: cout is not defined.
"testC.C", line 10: Error: endl is not defined.
5 Error(s) detected.

If we use iostream.h, errors for cout,cin, and endl are gone. But undefined "string" error is always there no matter
whether <string> or <string.h> is used.

Any suggestions about how to include the header files?

Thanks for any help!


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