LILO & win95 & dos & Linux

LILO & win95 & dos & Linux

Post by Jesper de Jon » Wed, 01 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> I have currently Wiin95(hda1) and Linux(hdb1) on my system.

> Due to Win95 being *at nearly all my games I want to put
> DOS6.2 on as well.

Did you ever try to press F8 when starting up Win95? You will get a menu
that lets you go to MS-DOS mode. This MS-DOS mode works exactly like DOS
6.2. You don't need a partition with DOS...

Quote:> Anyone done this?

> If so, 'ow?

Sorry, I have no answer...

Quote:> I have a third partition (hda2 & logical hda5) in which all my games
> live but LILO won't recognise this as a valid partition.

Try to have a look at the LILO docs.

                 Regards, Jesper.