Q: wmf->png/jpg converter

Q: wmf->png/jpg converter

Post by Sebastia » Wed, 30 Jan 2002 17:35:20

Hello everybody,

does anybody know of a wmf->png or wmf>jpg converter that runs under linux,
solaris and win32?
I know of convert from ImageMagick, but I need a small tool (the less libs
and dependencies the better), I don't need any fancy features like scaling
and color resolution changing, just a simple converter.



1. PNG binaries available - convert GIF images to PNG and PNG <-> PNM


Linux binaries for pnmtopng, pngtopnm, and gif2png are available at:
If you have trouble dowloading that, see
for helpful instructions.

PNG is the image format that renders GIF obsolete.  It is perfect in
every way.  For details on that, you can visit the PNG home page at:

The only shared libraries you need are libc and libm; all of the
others are linked statically.

The README is appended.

- -- DWF

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

This archive contains Linux binaries for pnmtopng, pngtopnm, and

I did not write any of this software; please see the files
README.gif2png and pnmtopng.copyright to read the authors' copyright

This software is provided 'as-is,' without any express or implied
warranty.  In no event will the authors or I be held liable for any
damages arising from the use of this software, and it is not
guaranteed to be stable or correct in any way.  So there.

I used the versions of everything that were publicly available as of

    gif2png 0.6 (beta)
    zlib-1.0.4 (statically linked)
    libpng-0.90 (statically linked)
    netpbm-1mar1994 (statically linked)

The only shared library dependencies for these binaries are the usual
libc and libm.

Credits to everybody:  pnmtopng / pngtopnm is by Alexander Lehmann

a cast of thousands.  The PNG specification is by a committee of the

For more information on PNG, see <URL:http://www.wco.com/~png/>.  To
download the original distributions, see

- -- DWF, 1997-04-06

- --
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Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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