ZTalk anyone?

ZTalk anyone?

Post by Randy Lee Chatfie » Mon, 28 Aug 1995 04:00:00

If you would like to try out ztalk sometime let me know.

1. Atalk/Mtalk/Ztalk equivalents

        Hi there, I don't really think this is the right group to
ask this question, but I'm unsure of where else to ask. I'm curious to
know if there's a similar program to things like Ztalk/Atalk/Mtalk
that allows communication between, say, in this case, a Linux box
hooked up via PPP and a Mac connected by Ethernet to a unix machine.

        Is there any form of 'universal' voice chat program? I know
there are mac to mac talkers, winsock to winsock talkers and of course
linux to linux talkers :)

        Thanks for any information, it'll be much appreciated.

        PS. please follow up to the newsgroup, don't email me.


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