TCP/IP (Frame Relay) to X.25?

TCP/IP (Frame Relay) to X.25?

Post by Jim William » Sat, 08 Jul 1995 04:00:00


I need to figure out how to convert TCP/IP connections into X.25
connections.  If possible, I'd prefer to do this through my Linux

Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so could you get me started
down the right path?

Jim Williams.

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1. WWW-page on X.25 and Frame-Relay for linux 0.1.3.

Greetings to All.

Version 0.1.3. of the WWW-page on X.25 and Frame-Relay for linux is
now available.

The most noticable change is:

'linux-X25 France' (one of the non-commercial X.25-for-linux projects)
has been drasticaly changed.
Where it used to be a project based on 1 partical PC X.25-card
(mitec), is it now a project porting the netccitt stack from BSD to

This opens X.25 up for a much larger group of -all kinds of- X.25
PC-cards and -therefore- a much larger group of people. (at least,
this is what we hope).

Any further info on this project or IP-over-X.25:

- (mind the capital
'K' and 'B')

Comments on the content or lay-out of the WWW-page:

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.

Groetjes uit Oostende, Belgi?.

X.25/FrameRelay-voor-linux en traceroute-via-WWW :

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