corrupted superblock

corrupted superblock

Post by Nicolas TRIP » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00

  What is the cause of this message on a new, 2.5 GB, disk : ?

  /dev/hda1 file system clean
  The filesystem superblock is corrupt. Try running e2fsck with an
alternate superblock using the -b option
fsck returned error code - REBOOT NOW!

  LILO is not installed yet - the boot is done from a floppy.
  The suggestion of running 'e2fsck' had no merit : when the system
re-booted, the superblock was still corrupt. If the message is ignored for
60 seconds, the filesystem mounts and everything seems all right.
  Strangely enough, when a root filesystem from another, perfectly sane,
system replaced the troublesome filesystem, the superblock was found
corrupt on the borrowed filesystem - obviously wrong : returned to the sane
system, no complains were issued at boot time.


1. Corrupt Superblock - is this serious?

Hi all,

lilo boots linux-2.0.6 ok with no messages from fsck,
and most things seem ok. I boot from a floppy.

but mc (midnight Commander) gives a segmentation fault.

when I run fsck /dev/sda it gives a message that the
superblock is corrupt.

I suspect that this is someting to do with the partitioning
on my 1080MB SCSI hard drive.

Any advice on fixing a superblock would be welcome.


Richard A Lough

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