raplayer signal 11

raplayer signal 11

Post by Andrea Be » Tue, 18 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Was wondering if anyone has run into this:

I have an 8bit soundblaster soundcard, and I am trying to get raplayer v3.0
to work.  I have gone through the README.FIRST file step by step, and I
basically can't play any local or remote file.  When I first ran

        $ raplayer welcome.ra
raplayer defaulted to 16bit sound and I got horrible static noise.  So then
I turned off 16-bit sound in the preferences menu, and now when I run the
above command, raplayer pops up then quits right away, while on the command
line I get 'signal 11'.

I am able to otherwise play and record .au files, so I know I am not having
any problems with /dev/audio itself.

Here is some more info:
$ cat /dev/sndstat
VoxWare Sound Driver:3.0.1-950812 (Wed Mar 27 21:47:25 GMT 1996 root,
Linux cathedral 1.2.13 #1 Wed Mar 27 21:00:04 GMT 1996 i486)
Config options: 10002

Installed drivers:
Type 2: SoundBlaster

Card config:
SoundBlaster at 0x220 irq 5 drq 1

Audio devices:
0: SoundBlaster 2.1






any help would be greatly appreciated.


1. HELP: Raplayer gets Signal 11 - can't get a core dump!

Well, Real Audio was working before I installed Red Hat 4.2. Now, it does not. When I
run it (version 3.0 ELF), it gets a signal 11 error. Fine. I contacted Progressive
Networks, and well, they want a core files. Great. ulimit under bash is supposed to
enable this. As root, I've run "ulimit -c unlimited" and then ulimit -a to verify it
took...and it does.

Yet, when I run raplayer, I still get then Signal 11 and no core file.

1) Has anyone encounted this problem with Real Audio before?
2) Anyone know how to force a core dump?


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