SMC ultra Elite (WD8013) & RH 7.0

SMC ultra Elite (WD8013) & RH 7.0

Post by Christoph Kukulie » Tue, 23 Jan 2001 21:58:33

I'm trying to install a network on a Redhat 7.0 system.
During installation the network card wasn't recognized because it is not at a
standard address. (irq 11, io 0x200).

I have /etc/modules.conf:
alias wd0 eth0
options wd io=0x200 irq=11 mem=0xcc000

modprobe wd
wd.c:v1.10 9/23/94 Donald Becker ...
eth0: wd80x3 at 0x200, 00 00 C0 B7 XX XX WD8013, IRQ 11, shared memory at0xcc000-0xccfff

ifup ifcfg-eth0

ifconfig lists the correct interface address (IP), broadcast and

Interrupt: 11 Base Address: 0x210 (?) Memory : cc000-d0000

netstat -rn:
Destination          Gateway      Genmask    Flags MSS Window irtt Iface  U   0    0     0  eth0        U   0    0     0  lo        UG  0    0     0  eth0

I cannot ping hosts on the network (destination host unreachable)
and I cannot reach the machine.

Ideas that come to mind: 8 bit vs. 16 bit card (it's a 16 bit card)
BNC is enabled (I can alternatively boot from a FreeBSD disk in the
same machine and everything works)
Some probe could mess the card?

The machine is slow (486, VLB) so building a kernel is no fun.




1. Configure 2 ethernets SMC Elite 16( WD8013) with RH 5.2

2 ethernets  SMC Elite 16( WD8013) with RH 5.2

Hi I have cable modem intenet access and I have RH 5.2  with this
Server Linux:
RH 5.2
Processor                :  Pentium 90 MHz
RAM                       : 40 Mo
Hard Disk    SCSI   : Seagate    1 Go
                      IDE   : Conner cp 100 Mo
CDROM     SCSI   : Sony
Graphic adapter      :  ATI mach 32
SCSI adapter          :  Adaptec AH 2940 PCI
Network Card         :2  SMC Elite 16( WD8013)   i/o =280; IRQ= 3 ;

i/o=300; IRQ=10; RAM= CC000
Mouse                     : 3 butons ms-compatible

3 Clients working with Windows.

The probleme is my linux doen't recognise my 2 Networks Cards and my
mouse doesn't work  in X.
I have only 3 posibilities to configure my NIC:
1) i/o =280; IRQ= 3 ; RAM=D0000
2) i/o=300; IRQ=10; RAM= CC000
3) by software( in windows)

I need help to configure this server.

Thanks for any help

Sorry for my english is not good, my mother tongue is french.

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