Does anyone has ever tried to install 95,98,NT, and Linux....

Does anyone has ever tried to install 95,98,NT, and Linux....

Post by BRUNET Franc » Thu, 18 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hello for who read this,

I have something to do which seems to be strange,
but i have to install Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT,
and Linux on the same hard disk.....

There is no pb with 95, NT, and Linux. I use Lilo....
But when i want to install windows 98 with 95 there is a pb....
This is the organisation i need on the HD :
hda1    FAT32 Win 95
hda2    FAT32 Win 98
hda3    NTFS  Win NT4
hda4    Linux RedHat

When i boot on 95 no pb
When i boot on NT no pb
When i boot on Linux no pb
But when i want to boot on 98, it sees that it is not on the C:\
but on the D:\, and so it boots on Windows 95 which is on C:\.
The only way to boot on 98 is to hide the 95 partition.
I found one soft to do this and it's Boot Magic ( fron powerquest ).
I don't like to use this, i'd prefer to use Lilo but i read that i need
go in its code to modify it. But i don't know how to do.

Is there anybody to help me in this installation or to explain me
how to modify Lilo ???

F.BRUNET fom France.


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