Linux installation problems

Linux installation problems

Post by Gareth R Woolridg » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00

When I try to install Linux from a Slackware distribution i run into

I make the boot and root disks for install correctly and reboot the

Shorty after switching to the root disk I am asked to press enter (I
dont enter any other parameters) and after about thirty seconds of
loading system it reports keyboard error and hangs

The machine is k6-200 with a TX chipset!!

The slackware cd I use is quite old, but I've never had any trouble on
my 486 systems.  Is this a problem with the TX chiset or the AMD k6

Do the newer distributiions or Caldera Openlinux etc work with the newer
chipsets yet???

Hope  you can help

Gareth Woolridge


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Any help will be appriciated as I am not a big (not at all actually) expert
on linux !


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