SGML Info for the Masses

SGML Info for the Masses

Post by Karl Eichwald » Fri, 09 Dec 1994 18:50:30

[ Followup-To: comp.text.sgml ]

> I believe what is desperately needed by SGML novices is a set of
> answers to some very basic questions.

You are right!  I can contribute some informations -- please translate
these answers in readable english ;-)

Quote:> 5) Is SGML truly device independent?  Are there low- or no-cost readers
> for every platform?  Is formatting retained across platforms?  Can
> everything be printed?

I am only able to tell you something about my GNUish Linux system; the
following packages are needed:

If you like Emacs ...

  FTP source from:
  Source file:     emacs-19.28.tar.gz

  Lennart Staflin's PSGML: Emacs Major Mode for editing SGML files.
  FTP source from:
  Source file:     psgml-1a5.tar.gz

(That's alpha, but one of the best Emacs packages I know.)

DTD:  I am using the qwertz collection.
  FTP source from:
  Source file:     sgml2latex-format.1.3.tar.gz

Texts written with this DTDs could be parses by

  FTP source from:
  Source file:     sgmls-1.1.tar.gz

to produce*or roff (ascii) output; some minor things (mail, fax)
are also supported.

To do the final typesetting a TeX/LaTeX environment is necessary; I
recomment the new teTeX distribution, which is heavily based on web2c by
Karl Berry.

BTW the qwertz collection was adopted by Matt Welsh for the Linux
Documentation Project (LDP); there is a nice package with nice

  FTP source from:
  Source file:      linuxdoc-sgml-1.1.tar.gz
  Patch file:       linuxdoc-sgml-1.1.FIXES

Some warnings: right now the*styles coming with the qwertz
collection are based on latex-2.09; I do not know, if anybody is working
on an update (me of course, but do not count on me and my small*

Maybe there are DTDs suitable to produce output for the 'lout'
formatter ('lout' produces postscript):                   (and any other CTAN mirror)
1561023 Nov 14 94 ./dante/support/lout/lout.3.02.tar.gz
 372881 Nov 14 94 ./dante/support/lout/

If you do not like Emacs ...

I can't help you.  This section has to be written by somebody else. Of
course, everything but 'psgml' should work with 'vi' an 'vi' clones ...

Quote:> I understand that this newsgroup is for the
> SGML professional, but I think perhaps your jobs may be a lot easier if
> more people understood these basics.

No no, this newsgroup (comp.text.sgml) is for you and me, too.


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1. solbook, sgml and /usr/lib/sgml/sgml2roff

Merry Christmas everybody!

I noticed that in Solaris 7 almost all the man pages are formatted in
SGML, using something SUN calls the SolBook DTD (a DocBook DTD.) I found
this quite interesting and started experimenting a bit with it,
discovering that there are still quite a few bugs in the sgml2roff
For instance the <refmiscinfo> tag doesn't interpret its class
attributes correctly (or actually ignores them at all.) Hence it is
impossible to set the section title. Furthermore, there are the usual
problems with white spaces, which the careful reader can find even in
the man pages supplied by SUN. Although it seems that SUN is serious
about SGML, I wonder if I should start writing my documentation in SGML
as well.

- Is there already a patch for sgml2roff which fixes some of the
problems described above.

- Will SUN continue development on the SolBook DTD or is this just an

- FrameMaker 5.5 + SGML, has anybody experience with this program and
can tell me it it would be a useful tool? Especially to create SolBook
man pages! Can it read in SGML and export it to for instance pdf?

Thanks a lot,

Hans Kramer

P.S. if you got any comments, please send a copy to my e-mail as well

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