Smart ifconfig? (aliasing 2 IP's)

Smart ifconfig? (aliasing 2 IP's)

Post by roo » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00


Does anyone know of a smart ifconfig for Linux, that will allow me to alias
two or more IP addresses to the same ethernet address. I understand Sun OS 4
has an 'alias' option that allows multiple IP's to be assigned the same
ethernet address.

Some Linux users here seem to remember a patch for this, though they cannot remember
where they saw it :-(



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I have Kernel V2.2.1 up and running just fine.  PPP, Masq and all are
working ... its just that I have a strange side effect.

My Linux machine MASQ's for my kids Win3.11 machine via a PPP dialup
connection.  In order to make it flexible I IP alias the GATEWAY IP on
the same machine as my Linux IP address ... don't know why, I just
wanted to treat the GATEWAY x.x.x.1 address special.

When I ifconfig to view the ethernet devices only the primary eth0
(and of course lo and ppp0) show up, not the eth0:0 alias device.  The
alias device works, it can be "pinged" and the MASQ setup works fine
(the Win3.11 machine points to the x.x.x.1 GATEWAY interface).

The V2.0.36 load I was running previously worked just fine as well and
was visible in a normal fashion (with ifconfig).  Has anyone an
explaination or a fix for this situation.  Its more of a nuisance than
anything else.  I've been all through the /proc file system looking
for a reference BUT I can't find eth0:0 either.

I think all my utilities are upgraded enough.  I am a minor release
behind on a couple of things and some packages I don't have installed
at all ... this is per the V2.2.1 CHANGES file.

Thanks in advance for any pointers and/or help!

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